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About the Artist

Yehuda Levy-Aldema

A native of Jerusalem, Israel, Yehuda Levy-Aldema has been working as an artist in a variety of media since 1982, when he graduated from Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts. His first commissions were public murals in Samaria, Tirat Carmel, Petah Tikva, and Jerusalem, beginning in 1983. At the same time, he was producing work in oil on canvas and other media and exhibited in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem. He has visited, lectured and worked in Europe and in the United States, most recently completing a residency in the Ukraine, at the Odessa Jewish Community Center, which produced a community art project focused on community identity. His current work explores the interpenetration of Biblical texts and reality through constructions that include found objects, carvings, drawings, and photography. He lives in Modi’in near Jerusalem with his wife of thirty-five years, Shirly Levy-Aldema.